The Great Plains Annual Conference will host the Jurisdictional Conference, July 13-16, 2016 in Wichita, Kansas. The theme will be: Rejoice in the Harvest.

Great Plains Conference proposed the theme, and the SCJ Mission Council has approved it.

Bishop Scott Jones also announced that there will not be a registration fee charged for this conference.

Annual Conferences have elected their delegations. There are 216 delegates plus about 60 alternates elected.  The rules require that any person elected to the Episcopacy must obtain 60% of a ballot cast to be elected.  Thus, if all 216 cast a ballot it will take 130 votes to elect.  Any Elder in good standing in the United Methodist Church is eligible to be elected.  They do not have to be from this Jurisdiction.  However, this Jurisdiction has never elected anyone outside the bounds of the SCJ.  There will be three bishops elected in Wichita.