Insurance Options, SC Jurisdiction

South Central Jurisdiction Domestic Insurance
for UMVIM Teams serving within the U.S.

Having insurance for your team can mean the difference between financial hardship and peace of mind. No matter the group size, South Central Jurisdiction UMVIM offers affordable domestic insurance through AIG for all teams serving within the US and its territories.

Coverage: $50,000 of accident and medical insurance, including COVID. (Download Policy in PDF)
Cost: $1.25 per day per person
Application: Click here for online application.

Instructions: Complete the application available online. The spreadsheet will automatically fill in totals once you put in the dates. Please enter the name, date of birth, and days traveling for each team member, including the Team Leader. Submit this spreadsheet even if you are a one-person team.

Submit the application to .

Pay for your insurance by check. Please make check payable to UMVIM-SCJ. Send a copy of the Group Application with the check to:

15814 Champions Forest Dr. #1968
Spring, Texas 77379

Payment must arrive 14 days prior to departure. Questions? Email at .


Insurance For International Teams serving outside of the U.S.


Currently, SCJ UMVIM does not offer international team insurance. However, we still strongly encourage you to purchase insurance for your team. Here are some options for your international insurance: