Youth 2023

Daytona Beach, Florida, July 25-28

Every four years, youth from throughout The United Methodist Church have gathered for four days of discipleship, fun, and fellowship at the YOUTH event. The event is filled with interactive learning, worship, Bible study, service opportunities, and fellowship time. Adult leaders who bring youth to our event can expect inspiration, support, and chances to authentically experience what it means to be part of the Methodist and Wesleyan family.

YOUTH 2023 will be an especially important year for you and your youth to be a part of this gathering. COVID-19 restrictions have limited youth ministry opportunities over the last two-plus years. YOUTH 2023 is a chance for your church to again experience cutting-edge speakers, amazing artists, and broaden your youth’s understanding of what they and their church are capable of!


We believe that the young people who come to YOUTH 2023 will set an example for the church itself – demonstrating how to come together in Christian fellowship and celebrate our shared call to grow as world changing disciples of Jesus Christ, no matter the obstacle.