Youth Observers

To Jurisdictional Conference 2024

Each conference in the South Central Jurisdiction will have 3 youths and 1 adult representative meet together during Youth ’23 to elect members of the South Central Jurisdiction to attend as

“Youth Observers” to Jurisdictional Conference 2024 and 1 Adult Chaperone. You do not have to be present at Youth ’23 to be elected but must have submitted your application online by July 23.

To be elected as a Youth Observer to Jurisdictional Conference, the applicant must be a member of The United Methodist Church for two years and able to attend Jurisdictional Conference July 10-13, 2024, in the Arkansas Conference. The 2024 South Central Jurisdiction Youth fund will pay for transportation, housing, meals, etc., for the five observers and one adult (over the age of 23).

Application Link:
(Adult applicants, please fill out the application according to current information, not High School) 🙂

The South Central Jurisdiction will gather during Youth ’23 to hold elections.

Wednesday, July 26 from 4:30 – 5:30 pm – We’ll start with hanging out with all our jurisdictional friends for about an hour. After that, 3 youths and one adult representative from each Conference will have 3 votes per conference to elect, by secret ballot and majority plus one, our jurisdictional observers for 2024. Any present candidates for observer to Jurisdictional Conference are also welcome to attend the voting.